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Math levels

These are the levels of math for highschool students

Algebra 1

We are working in slope , June 13, 2018
Fake Image

Right now we are working on slope as well as what making equations from looking at the graph.

for example if you look at the graph to the left our students would be able to indicate that the equation is y=-3/2x+8


Finding values, June 13, 2017

Geometry students are working on finding missing values in shapes by looking at dialated shapes.

In this problem we are showing our students how to do this problem so that they can really understand our material.

Algebra 2

We are working on log equations , June 13, 2018
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Algebra 2 students are working on solving log equations and rewriting the equations

In this problem the student is rewritng the exponent to log form. We also offer this in natural log.