Algebra 2

fractional exponents

Fractional exponents include Multiplying the fractional exponents as well as adding subtracting

solving for variables

Using either the elimination or substitution methods you can easily solve the equations. To use the elimination method you have to try and eliminate one variable to get the othher vaariables value. Using the substitution method you have to substitue numbers in for varaibles and then try and find out what they are using the guess and check stratagie.

what to know about graphing variables and exponents.

When the exponent is positive the graph is going to end up in a "U" shape. When the exponents are negative and are even they are an upside down "U" shape.

Graphing the variable equations

  • First use the equation to make the table.
  • You put in points for "x" to find out what the y value is.
  • After you get at least three different points graph them
  • After graphing them you can use the slope to graph the rest of the points
  • Now you have graphed a line