Talent Show

By:Hannah Landrigan

The talent show this year was full of just that, talent. It was jam packed with ten acts ranging from singing to piano playing. The show, set up by Me to We, was off to a great start with Jacob Flanagan keeping the crowd laughing with his hosting. That was until the sound system decided to malfunction and not work. It happened to turn off during one of the top placing acts performed by Austin Gray. This unfortunate timing would have been expected to put a damper on the night but Gray turned it into a good time. While the issue was being worked on he kept the crowd entertained with jokes, singing games and more. He truly made it feel like a performance at a concert, not to mention his great cover of Ride originally sang by Twenty-One Pilots. The night was taken over by singers who powered through the struggle of a faulty sound system and performed amazingly. We had some returning acts from last year such as Mary Young, Shekinah Dunlop, Jesse Strickland and more! Sean Bailey and the duo Dani Young and Jennifer Parkhill decided to mix it up and play their own instruments which was a treat in itself. It showed the two acts’ true musical talent and transformed some of the show into a more personal feeling, acoustic night. After the judges’ scores were tallied up at the end of the night, the winners were announced. Four acts placed this year though the scores were very close. Gray came in fourth due to his amazing crowd participation and great singing. Sean Bailey came in third with his heartfelt cover and guitar playing of Last Kiss by Pearl Jam. In second place came Aidan Thrall who brought the crowd to a standing ovation with his professional sounding piano playing. Last, but certainly not least, was four year reigning winner, Jessie Strickland. Strickland had the crowd completely in awe of her beautiful voice when singing a cover of Flashlights, originally sung by Jessie J. Overall, the show didn’t go as smoothly as hoped but the acts stuck with it and performed amazingly no matter what the situation was. The crowd was patient and the people in charge worked hard to make it work. Woodland has some seriously talented students and this show was a great way to showcase them.