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Game Review

By: Dylan Hutchinson

Fortnite by Epic Games was released on July 25th of 2017. It has kept its spot on the top games list. Since its release date It has been continuously updated, with the most recent one being the Valentine's Day update. Released February 10th, this update consisted of many bug fixes a change to the bullet drop and the biggest change was the addition of a cupid crossbow. Preceding the Valentine's Day update was the biggest update Fortnite has seen so far. This big update was released on January 22nd and consisted of new maps, weapons and medical supplies. Epic Games went all out on this update changing the game completely. They added a total of five new big towns and many random areas in between. When asked about the update Freshman Tristan Hendricks said “I enjoy the new areas because it adds many new aspects on the game.” Others who are not as fond of the update say its to easy for campers to hide throughout the whole game because Tilted Towers has many rooms and buildings and its location is near the center of the map. The percentage of people who favor towns to land in are insane Tilted Towers averaged a 48% of people Haunted Hills a 15% of people Snobby Shores a 21% of people Shifty Shafts  16% of people as you can see Tilted Towers wins that one by a huge margin. These are only the new towns so excluding the old ones such as wailing woods Tamato Town and so on. In addition to areas many new weapons have also been added to Fortnite as well these include the mini-gun, crossbow, silenced pistol and the silenced SMG. Epic Games have also added many health consumables such as chug jug, campfire, mini potion and Slurp juice. Fortnite is a online game released not to long ago and has became a completely new game pulling in more and more players and is currently at 3.4 million players. In conclusion, Fortnite is a great game that you have to try; its free after all. Epic games has said this game will continue to be updated weekly seasonally and soon to be monthly so look forward too that.

Art Fest 2018 is almost here! Art Fest 2018 starts next week on Monday, June 4 and runs through Thursday, June 7 featuring more than 1,000 pieces of art from all grade levels Kindergarten through 12th on display in the auxiliary gym at Woodland High School. In addition, there is a free live music performance on Tuesday, June 5. Unfortunately, the Advanced Drama Originals originally scheduled for Thursday has been canceled due to senior scheduling conflicts. Join us for this once-a-year celebration of our students' dedication to creative and performing arts!

This spring, special needs students enrolled in Woodland Public Schools’ Partners in Transition (PIT) program learned important job procurement skills including writing a letter of interest, developing a resume, filling out job applications and participating in mock interviews by working with the Woodland Action Center, school staff, and local businesses. Students practiced interview skills by taking part in 20-minute mock job interviews one-on-one with Woodland Public Schools staff including Vicky Barnes, Human Resources Manager; Stephanie Patterson, Procurement and Apprenticeship Coordinator; and Stacy Brown, the district’s Business Manager. “Seeing our students dress up and get outside of their comfort zones for their interviews was a truly excellent experience,” said D'Ann Horrocks, PIT's Transition Teacher. “Each student has different strengths and weaknesses that they had to investigate in order to succeed in the project.” As a special treat for their hard work, Horrocks and her team, which includes paraeducators Ann Ingraham and Nancy Thibodeaux, purchased and designed t-shirts which Ingraham silkscreened with the class motto: "Works Hard to Play Hard." Students concluded the unit by giving presentations on their career choice research using an informational slideshow they each developed.

Woodland Public Schools along with Kalama, Ridgefield, and La Center School Districts celebrated the dedicated school bus drivers and support staff of the KWRL Transportation Cooperative serving each of the four districts and recognized the team’s powerful contributions to public education during a special appreciation luncheon. Asha Riley, Assistant Superintendent for Woodland Public Schools, kicked off the celebration with an introductory speech highlighting the important contributions of the KWRL staff to the districts they serve. Woodland Public Schools’ food services team prepared a lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers and side dishes along with a selection of fruit and desserts. Students at Woodland’s schools made posters thanking KWRL’s bus drivers and support staff. The superintendents from each district along with Shannon Barnett, KWRL’s Transportation Director, donated personal funds to purchase door prizes and gifts for a raffle.

Woodland Public Schools’ Family Community Resource Center offers the Food Pantry Program, a free service offering families-in-need free food and other resources to help make ends meet, thanks to donations of local businesses and organizations along with volunteering community members. As summer approaches, Leslie Mohlman, the district’s Community, Family, Student Resource Coordinator wants people to know that struggling families may be concerned with how to feed their children. “Although the schools’ Food Pantries will be closed during the summer, the Family Community Resource Center remains open until July 31 Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m,” she said. “Families can come for free food and resources including housing assistance, employment resources, and medical service information.” In addition to the Food Pantry Program, Woodland Public Schools offers a Summer Meal Program which provides breakfasts and lunches to children ages 2-18 years old for free. “Last year, the Summer Meal Program served 1,449 breakfasts and 2,868 lunches free-of-charge,” said Leslie. Donations from community members and local organizations make the Food Pantry Program possible. Since the program’s inception in February 2017, students and families have received nearly 5,000 food items and other household necessities. Local organizations and businesses who have donated to the program include the area churches, the Clark County Fire District, Fibre Federal Credit Union, Moose Lodge and the Woodland Action Center.

Smokey the Bear visited Woodland Primary School along with Amanda Dales, School Instructor for the USDA Forest Service, to teach students the importance of fire safety and how to prevent forest fires. Smokey and Amanda also taught the students how to put out forest fires, the importance of taking everything with you when you leave a forest, and what to do if you come across a forest fire. Dales taught students the concept of “packing in and packing out,” taking everything out of the forest that you bring into the forest. She also gave the rules around campfires and fire safety. Students learned the “Drown, Stir, Feel” technique for extinguishing campfires:

    • First, drown the campfire using a full bucket of water.
      Second, stir the ashes using a shovel or a stick.
      Third, have an adult feel for heat from the ashes using the back of the hand.
      Repeat until no heat is felt from the fire.
  • Woodland Public School students love horticulture and it shows with Woodland Middle School receiving a $5,000 grant for programs and Woodland High School’s Horticulture Club winning the state championship while preparing for this year’s 30th annual plant sale. Students at Woodland Middle School lined up to enroll in a dedicated horticulture class provided by Joseph “Joe” Bosch, a science teacher, who received a $5,000 grant from Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores and donations from local businesses to dramatically expand the school’s garden and add programs. At Woodland High School, students in the Horticulture Club won first through third place, fifth place, and 20th place at the State Championships, while Mary Ellen Vetter, Horticulture Teacher, received the Outstanding Southwest Washington Agriculture Teacher of the Year award.

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